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Welcome to your Plone installation

Starting Zope/Plone

Before you start Plone, you should review the settings in:


Adjust the ports Plone uses before starting the site, if necessary, and run buildout to apply settings.

To start Plone, issue the following command in a terminal window:

sudo -u plone_daemon /home/richarf7/public_html/futureknowledge/9000-futureknowledge/bin/plonectl start

To stop Plone, issue the following command in a terminal window:

sudo -u plone_daemon /home/richarf7/public_html/futureknowledge/9000-futureknowledge/bin/plonectl stop

Quick operating instructions

After starting, you should be able to view the welcome page at::


That page offer an options to create a new Plone site and to use the lower-level Zope Management Interface (ZMI).

Use the admin password provided at:


(If you used a GUI installer, you may have been asked for a password, and this file is not created.)

You should change the administrative password at your first convenience.

To change the admin password, click the "Password" link for the admin user at:


Password changes will not be reflected in adminPassword.txt.

Updating After Installation

Always back up your installation before customizing or updating.

Customizing the installation

You may control most aspects of your installation, including changing ports and adding new packages and products by editing the buildout.cfg file in your instance home at /home/richarf7/public_html/futureknowledge/9000-futureknowledge.

See Managing projects with zc.buildout for information on buildout options.

Apply settings by running "sudo -u plone_buildout bin/buildout" in your instance directory.

Updating the installation

To update your installation components, stop Plone, backup, edit your buildout.cfg file and run:

sudo -u plone_buildout bin/buildout

from your instance directory.

Check portal_migration in the ZMI after update to perform version migration if necessary. You may also need to visit the product installer to update product versions.