I recently (2013) started going to pottery classes at The Fold in Billericay, renewing an acquaintance in my family which started with my mother and father when I was young. - here are my explanation sheets for some first steps.

Tiling - Explanation

I started off by making some tiles that I wanted to make since the seventies - they are special in that they force a non-periodic pattern.

Throwing - Explanation

Peter Norris, my tutor, encouraged me to try throwing - his favourite thing. It was a real pleasure as the evenings disapperead without me knowing...


Update 2017

This September I am exhibiting pots at the Billericay Arts Trail.

Despite excursions into corner pots for ferns:

tiled table-top designs copying Mondrian:

slabbed teapot & milk-jug (inspired by Vasarely):

and a wall panel of a Jay (inspired by my father's woodpecker panel):

I have mostly focussed on improving my throwing craft by long practice making cylinders, which are becoming more and more as I desire them:

These are the pots I am exhibiting at the Billericay Arts Trail.