Wrong phrases that sound right
I love these kinds of phrases where a homophone replacement (word that sounds the same) nevertheless still makes a kind of sense. I have been collecting these for seven years and a comment to my last blog entry gave me a new one:
  1. 'wet our appetite' - rather than 'whet our appetite'
Here's some more:
  1. bale out' - instead of 'bail out'
  2. 'free reign' - instead of 'free rein'
  3. 'foolhearty' - instead of 'foolhardy'
  4. 'will technology prove to be socially devisive' - instead of 'divisive'
  5. 'copywrite' - instead of 'copyright'
  6. 'rap up' - instead of 'wrap up'
  7. 'can't bare the consequences' - instead of 'can’t bear the consequences'
  8. 'progressive teaching is when the children get on with the work and the teacher hoovers in the background' - instead of 'hovers'
Ricardo’s Blagado
Friday, 13 August 2004