A.I.’s IOU
It's delightful when a prejudiced comment made by yours truly provokes a genuinely informative piece of work from someone less lazy!
Such is the case with Belinda O'Dea's unpublished paper on the web, neatly entitled 'A.I's IOU' - a considered reaction to the claim I make in public that Artificial Intelligence has not provided the intelligent tutor it perhaps promised in the heady days (early 1980's) of the Japanese Fifth Generation project and scenes of much money being spent by UK and Europe to counter it.
Well done Belinda!
Belinda's conclusion goes like this:
  1. "My findings are that A.I. has worked in certain very specific areas, such as teaching mathematics. Also it has contributed greatly to higher order thinking, skills involved in finding and understanding abstract mathematical patterns (Steen, 1990). But the pedagogical component of ITS is an "expert system" that we cannot yet build, which is it's IOU to ICT and learning. Future developments will be in Interactive learning environments."
Ricardo’s Blagado
Sunday, 17 October 2004