BERA archive at Warwick University


The Archive, held at Warwick University collection was acquired in a series of deposits between 1985 and 2006 (although there may be more recent deposits) It contains: minutes of Executive Council, 1974-1980; Nominations minutes,1975-1980, 1982; Executive elections, 1982; Annual General Meetings,1980 1981-1983; Next meeting minutes; Executive council, 1982; Council meeting; Membership records including correspondence and membership files, subscriptions, lists, forms; conference papers, 1974-1993. Other papers include general correspondence, 1980, 1984; Publications committee correspondence and files; inaugural correspondence and miscellaneous papers, 1977; miscellaneous files; treasurership; publications and newsletters; overseas links; financial papers including bank statements, accounts, subscriptions etc; papers of Planning committee, 1974; Executive meetings, 1974 and 1975; Council papers,1976-1982. A brief catalogue is attached to this item.

34 years 10 months ago